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Local Food Bank Demand Surges Thumbnail

Local Food Bank Demand Surges

Food quickly became a common focus of the COVID-19 pandemic - how and where to get groceries and take-out meals, baking, bread making, and gardening took over conversations and social media posts everywhere. While posts of successful sourdough bread attempts may be the experience for some,  many individuals and families continue to experience a less visible relationship with food - food insecurity.  The negative economic impact of the pandemic has compounded already existing food security within many communities, including Oakville; the Fare Share Food Bank Oakville is  a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers and regularly serves 400 to 450 families (approx. 1,500 to 1,600 people) per month. The Food Bank has seen a growth of 70% in registrations since the start of the pandemic.  At Cornwall Wealth Management we seek involvement and positive impact on our local, national and international communities with our corporate social responsibility program; we are pleased the Fare Share Food Bank Oakville has accepted our donation.

Learn about Fare Share Food Bank Oakville