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Immediate Help for 135 Families Thumbnail

Immediate Help for 135 Families

We are touched by this heartfelt thank-you from Joana at Empowerment Squared; one of the organizations who received a donation through our Cornwall Cares program. Thank you to everyone at Empowerment Squared to helping families and children in need. 

" thank you for your generous gift to Empowerment Squared. Your gift comes at the perfect time as we organize to meet the emerging needs of the community as a result of Covid-19. Food insecurity being one of them. With your help and that of the Cornwall team, we will be able to continue supporting families who are struggling to put food on the table for their children. As we speak, our team is assembling food packages that will be distributed to 135 families in Hamilton and we will use your donation to purchase eggs. Something so small goes such a long way. " - Joana Fejzaj, Development & Partnerships | Empowerment Squared

Read more about Empowerment Squared

Our Cornwall Cares program was created years ago to formalize our efforts to support local, national, and international causes.  Whether we are providing money, time, or both, we continue to be inspired to aid others in need around us.